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       (14th October 2016) With the coming of spring, and the longer days, our Khaki Campbells have started to lay again. Each morning we collect beautiful fresh duck eggs to sell to the people of the area.

Here at Daisy Hill Ducks we aim to produce high quality beautiful, nutritious duck eggs for our immediate community, and also for delivery to convenient locations in the vicinity.

Our farm.

We have 27 acres of land here at beautiful Woombye on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.



Our Khaki Campbell ducks are free ranging, moving from a large pastured paddock to a more sheltered area where they tend to lay their eggs.

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The Khaki Campbell duck is a domestic duck that was bred in England around the end of the nineteenth century, as a good egg producer. A Mrs Adah Campbell, through several matings of Rouen ducks with Indian Runners, as well as ‘Wild Ducks’, bred the prolific layers.

04/12/2015 – some of our beautiful ducklings have hatched – irresistible little fluffy characters!

The eggs are beautifully ivory-coloured, and sometimes a very attractive ‘duck-egg blue’ (which looks somewhat greenish rather than actually blue).

A sample of eggs – ivory and very pale green.

The eggs are great in cooking – custards and quiches are delicious, seemingly more so, when made using duck eggs rather than conventional ‘chook’ eggs. (In fact, I am keeping chook eggs for boiled eggs only, and using duck eggs for just about everything else in cooking!)


Daisy Hill Duck Eggs available now!

Don and Therese

After the stress of the move to their new home (Daisy Hill Ducks are under new management – Don and Therese Pringle), our ducks are gradually settling into our farm here at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast.


The number of beautiful fresh, free-range duck eggs laid each day is increasing.


Make sure to order yours‘ soon. (Please note: Fresh duck eggs largely unavailable until further notice, due to the seasonal nature of the ducks’ laying period, as at 09/02/2016.)

  • Small orders must be picked up from here at the farm (350 Nambour Connection Road, Woombye Q 4559).
  • Delivery may be arranged for larger orders – we do regular deliveries to Maroochydore, Caloundra, and several outlets in Brisbane.
  • Please phone to order, and to arrange pick-up or delivery:
    Therese – 0438460993  (or Don – 0407447075).
Our farm at Woombye in south-east Queensland.
Our farm at Woombye in south-east Queensland.
20151023_064905 (3)
Some of our khaki campbell ducks.